Nisha Ramdas

Hello! I am pleased to present my website that intends to be a platform for young minds to hone their writing skills, keep their grammar updated, get inspired to take up writing as a hobby or a profession later and discover the love of reading.

I have been an English teacher and editor of three school magazines followed with a stint as manager of a foreign policy magazine.  Life as daughter of a fighter pilot and war veteran meant stories of valour and bravery and living in small towns where the local library and outdoors made up routine.

The View from My Home in the Hills

Summer holidays  spent with my grandparents in Garhwal, a part of the Uttrakhand Province in the Himalayas, were opportunities to appreciate its ballads, folklore and leopard tales.  Later as a young mother, I performed my role as a bedtime story teller with relish.

With my degrees in education, creative writing and now digital marketing, I look forward to collaborate with teachers,curriculum developers, publishers, bloggers and event managers.

I like creating interesting patchwork, dabbling in the kitchen and travelling. My exercise regime includes aerobics, walks and lengths in the pool. I enjoy watching war and historical films. And I read.


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