Joie Bose and her Endeavour to Promote Poetry

Joie Bose, an incredible writer and poet, has found her calling to make poetry popular : as General Secretary on Poetry Paradigm and as advisor to National Poetry Festivals, her poetry related tours to China and Japan, her role in establishing the Indian Poetry library and her belief that creativity in form of poetry and creative writing can fight depression or “Urban Melancoly.”

Her poems have touched aspects of love and have had outpourings from her heart. She may speak of undying love in its many hues….

Or love scars…

A poem on a mother and her child…

As a child, Joie had her future laid out as a writer. She read classics and wrote short stories and poems that later saw her producing prize winning entries in college.  This Kolkata lass takes inspiration from adventures that life offers and has participated in Vintage Car Rallies and Beauty Pageants. Muse, she says can be anyone for her and she hardly or never suffers from the writer’s block.

Read her story “Happis Grills” here which was selected for the New South Asian Writing Short Story Anthology

As an academician, Joie finds teaching gratifying. But her other success as a contributing author on Bonology, a website on human relationships and her “Confessions with Joie Bose”  that proves to be fulfilling. It is here that inputs from people in relationship are turned into non-judgmental narratives that strive to inspire other readers.

At the “Power in Poetry” at the American Center in New Delhi, Joie Bose presents three videos of modern women from the creative space: Madonna, Taylor Swift and Maya Angelou. Madonna’s passionate acceptance speech has her speaking about the many trails in her life as a woman, is according to Joie, a poem. Conversely, the other two artists spread the message of empowerment through their own medium of music or poem. Another attempt from her to highlight  the power of  poetry.


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