8 Parts of Speech in Sentences

Parts of speech refers to the work a word does in a sentence . For good writing skills, it is important to know not just the meaning of the word but also its function in a sentence.

A word in a dictionary has its function or functions given along with its meaning.

There are eight parts of speech which include:

  1. Noun: It also called as a “naming word” and can be the name of a person, place or an object.
  • John speaks politely.
  • The flowers were beautiful.
  • The mob threw stones.


  1. Pronoun: The pronoun is a word that is used in place of a noun.
  • She lives in a mansion in Mumbai.
  • His advice was good.


  1. Adjective: The adjective is also called a “describing word” as it describes a noun.
  • Anita has a good memory.
  • King Solomon was a wise man.


  1. Verb: The verb is the “action word” and denotes an action.
  • The earth revolves around the sun.
  • She wrote a letter.
Parts of Speech
Eight Parts of Speech, their Functions and Examples
  1. Adverb: This word gives more value to a verb, adjective or an adverb.
  • The old man walks slowly.
  • This perfume is very strong.
  • He ate his food quite quickly.


  1. Preposition: This word specifies the relation of a noun or a pronoun with something else.
  • My grandmother is sitting on her favourite chair.
  • I will watch the match in the afternoon.
  • Joyce sat under a tree.


  1. Conjunction: Conjunctions are words that join two words or sentences.
  • I bought apples and oranges from the supermarket.
  • I kept quiet although I was fuming.


  1. Interjection: These are words that convey sudden feelings of surprise, sadness, happiness, anger or shock.
  • Bravo! We have won the match!
  • What! You haven’t paid your bill?

We can find out the function of a word only when we see it in a sentence.

Apart from these parts of speech,  there are other words called determiners.



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