How to Achieve Clarity in Article Writing

Your piece of writing should have clarity so that it is understood by the reader. This is an important aspect in writing an article which should be your first thought when you are in the planning stages. An article that is clear in its meaning will lead the reader further, to the end of the article.

How can you make sure your article is clear to the reader?

Not only should you be well versed in the subject you are writing about, you should know your audience. If it is for children, you must write simply so that they understand. You can use complex terms and difficult words for an older audience. It’s always recommended that you move from familiar to unfamiliar information.

You can begin with making an outline for your article. Think of placing ideas in separate paragraphs as a paragraph full of many ideas can be mind boggling.

Stick to facts rather than handing out plenty of opinion.

Grammar Considerations

                 Clarity in Sentences

Incomplete sentences do not make sense and can affect clarity. Go for easy and simple sentences and give preference to sentences in active voice. Sentences with comparisons should be complete. When you use clauses, place the subordinate in the beginning or the end but never in the middle. Do not use too many negatives in sentences. Learn more here


As a writer, you must have a mastery over vocabulary and the technique to use words effectively so as to keep your reader interested.

Check on your vocabulary and remove extra adverbs, adjectives or other unnecessary words. Use words frugally and go for simple words rather than complicated words. Avoid slangs and use the full forms of abbreviations.  Use foreign languages sparingly.

Clarity needs practice and you will only get better at it if you continue practicing.

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