Study Smarter to get Good Grades

Study Smarter by Scholastic is a timeless book that looks at problems and their solutions in a language that is easy for students and their guardians to grasp. This book has “tools and techniques for getting the best grades” which include chapters that are concise with adequate tables and bullet points. The book is an essential tool for the study table.

As a psychologist and counselor, Dr. Rima Seghal , the author, has worked with students, teachers and parents. With this book, she aims to replace the dreaded examination fear with confidence and joy of studying.

Preparing to Study and Understanding Concepts

Almost all chapters (but one) of Study Smarter are addressed to the student. Dr. Seghal advocates time and a dedicated study area which are carefully selected with support of parents and family. She elaborates on a time table that is made with guidelines and should be separate for week days and holidays. She reinforces the thought that unless one understands concepts, studying can be a worthless exercise. For this she adds valuable suggestions and techniques that make grasping concepts easy.

Study smarter
Simple Effective Tips to Study Smarter

There is more than just advice for the student on studying techniques. To overcome examination fear, a student must have positive thoughts which are possible through exercise and due attention to weak subjects.  Another chapter gives tips on how to be an ideal student.

Parental Support

The book wouldn’t be complete without a chapter devoted to parents. The pages in this chapter would prove valuable with its checklist and instructions to work in tandem with teachers and if needed with counselors as well. The author has an important list of medical problems based on a child’s behavior in class and home which would be helpful for parents. Most importantly, the author advises parents to support to their children so that they can study smarter.

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