Nisha Ramdas


This website is really meant to fill up a gap. During my years of teaching English to Primary and Middle school, I stumbled upon the lack of creativity while editing the school magazine.

Here, on this platform, I would like to introduce, titbits that can come handy when faced with the Writer’s Block, or  when the deadline for the school magazine looms large. I hope to throw up a whole world of concepts and ideas that you can use in your writing.

The View from My Home in the Hills

A peek into my life- I grew up as a military brat, shifted every few years to quaint out of the way places, when libraries and outdoor activities ruled. Married a military man and the nomadic life carried on.

My roots are in the picturesque Himalayas, brimming with tales, ballads and folk lore.

My journey with editing continues as a managing editor of an international affairs magazine. I look forward to my next chapter of teaching creative writing online and offline, organising writer’s circles and book discussions – with the aim of bringing book lovers together.

Hope to collaborate with publishers, schools, curriculum planners and event managers too!

Call to Action

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