Highlights of Shimla International Literature Festival

Venues for Literary Festivals like the Shimla International Literature Festival are chosen with forethought so that attendees not just get to interact with their favourite authors but revel in the cultural, historical and aesthetic feel of the place.

Some of these events, with their own theme and agendas, have become annual calendar events for bibliophiles. This is one platform that keeps the history and culture of the place in perspective and brings on stage some of the award winning authors of evergreen best sellers.

Jaipur, Lucknow, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata are other places which host these events over a few days- a bonaza for book lovers.

Not surprisingly, the Shimla International Literature Festival festival held in Shimla on 23 and 24 June this year, stuck to its agenda and gave all visitors an intellectual and cultural treat at this famous and beautiful hill station. Once the summer capital, the place has retained its charm and thousands have every reason to flock here in summer- to beat the heat and attend the festival.

The venue of the event was the historic Gaiety Theatre on the Mall Road.

The two day festival had book launches, discussions and entertainment. An interactive session on social media was also apart of the programme.


The theme, “I am an author” , was to encourage budding writers to publish their work help of Dream land Publications. These writers were given well meaning advise by authors – to follow their heart when choosing their topic instead of timing the market and to jot down main points of their story, especially the beginning and the end.


Besides authors, celebrities from the business world and the etertainment industry graced the event.


Children and youth showcased their talents and performed street plays to showcase Shimla’s acute water shortage at the Shimla International Literature Festival.


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