Why should You Visit Copenhagen

It’s a good idea to have Copenhagen as a part of your itinerary if you haven’t been there already. This 1000 year old quaint city’s history has architecture and a dynasty as its evidence. You may also like to experience why this country features on top of the happiness chart.

City of Fairy Tales

Remember “Thumbelina”, “The Tin Soldier”, and “The Emperor’s Clothes”- bedtime tales from our childhood. The author of these well loved books, Hans Christian Anderson, has his footprints in the city. The Little Mermaid, a statue, on the Langelinje Pier is popular with visitors. Tivoli Garden, a theme park in Copenhagen, founded in 1843 is a draw for children and adults and has been an inspiration for other 20th century theme parks else where in the world. It’s no wonder then that this city brings out the child in you.

The Little Mermaid at Copenhagen

Family Time and Royals

Danes value family time, well expressed by the Danish word “Hygge.” In summer, families move out for some “together time” to summer houses- in cottages or houses close to the sea, a tradition followed year after year. On the same note Danes love their royals– a dynasty that goes back to the Vikings.

Famous Danish Pastry

You can’t leave the city without tasting the famous Danish Pastry: a contribution of Viennese bakers when the local bakers went on strike in 1870s.

Concern for the Environment

Aiming to be carbon free is serious business here. The newest power plant will convert trash to power that will lend electricity and hot water to several homes. The Amager Resource Center is a prominent landmark on the city’s skyline with a ski slope and climbing wall.  Copenhagen has arrangements to make cycling the preferred mode of transport:  green traffic lights that allow for free run of cycles to clearing up snow, first thing from cycling tracks in winter.


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