7 Tips for Creative Writing for the School Magazine

Creative Writing can be satisfying if you keep some tips in mind.

  • Read as much as possible

All writers read voraciously. Reading will help you develop as a writer, build your vocabulary and thinking skills. Grammar concepts will come naturally to you as you keep reading. Expand your repertoire to books on adventure, classics, short stories, comedy, biographies, poetry and even comics.

  • Write a Journal Everyday

This is one of the best ways to start writing. Penning your thoughts on paper everyday gives you practice. It helps you overcome fears and is inspiration for future writing. Have a resource notebook too where you can jot down things that you find interesting- quotes, characters, conversations, setting or a plot of a movie.

Creative Writing
Daily Journal for Creative Writing
  • Plan your Writing

After you have decided what to write about, pen every detail- its theme, dialogue, characters etc. Decide on an outline and place your thoughts in a sequence. Think of a beginning that would lead the reader to find out more.

  • Be Precise and Clear

Creative Writing shines if  irrelevant matter is kept away. The final result should be clear, not just to you but also to the reader. Make sure you follow grammar rules and use guidelines to keep out unnecessary words. Do leave something for your reader’s imagination.

  • Write Differently

We have unique experiences and outlook towards life. Our writing skill is also our own. Let that show in our writing.

  • Read your Work and Share your Drafts

Read your work aloud to get a feel of how it sounds to you. Have your mom or friend be your critic and point out any changes.

  • Your Writing Tools

A neat, uncluttered desk and things at hand – pens, paper, notebooks, computer, dictionary, thesaurus and reference books can make Creative Writing a pleasant activity.


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