Ideas for Writing Articles for Teenagers

It can be overwhelming when you are scrambling to meet deadlines and gather ideas for writing articles. The following checklist can help you get a byline in magazines and develop you into a creative writer.

Short Story  

All the easier for you if you are the class story teller. Your themes could be sci-fi, about fairies and demons, a mystery or a story with a moral ending.

Feature Writing

Convert facts into a readable form. Glance into the Sunday Supplement of a newspaper and look out for articles on events, products, institutions, flora and fauna, travel, food and opinion.

Book Review

This one is easy for book lovers. You could review books written by your favourite author as you would have a better insight into the life and works of that author.


If you write poems to express your thoughts, try the Japanese version called “Haiku” or a five lines limerick.


Consider interviews if you are looking for ideas for writing articles. Interviews of well known personalities inspire youngsters and can be a deciding factor in choice of career or idol. A bit of research and a well thought out questionnaire forms your preparation.

Ideas for Writing Articles
Ideas for Writing Articles


Real life Incidents

We do place adventure and incidents that have had deep effect. You can write about something you have personally been through or have witnessed.


Write a short biography on someone well known or someone who has been an influence in your life.


All of us like small projects which we can do with our hands. Keep this section simple with easy instructions.


Cooking up meals may be your forte and go ahead and share it.

Comic Strip or Cartoons

How about graphics when you are pondering for ideas for writing articles?  Draw out a funny incident in a cartoon or an adventure in a cartoon strip.

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