Seven Types of Plots


Here are seven types of plots when you begin to pen a story. This is a guide if you are stuck with a writer’s block. If you already have a plot in mind, this list will help you define it.

types of plots

Overcoming the Odds

The hero, an unlikely character, takes on the enemy or adversary and emerges as a victor.

Remember David, a boy, who defeated Goliath, a dreaded giant.

Rising from the Ashes

The main character, suffers obstacles and setbacks relentlessly, till a certain point in the story. At a final moment the character jumps back into action and overcomes former losses.

Cinderella suffered in the hands of her step sisters till a handsome prince came along.

Winning Through

It’s a story of a journey into an unknown region and the hero encounters problems and obstacles. Each time, there are forces that arrive to rescue the hero.

Tiny people, who are quite taken aback, turn up to help Gulliver in “Gulliver’s Travel”.

Journey of Discovery

The plot is about a journey into an imaginary land which turns out to be a learning experience for the character.

Alice of “Alice in Wonderland” gets to meet the most incredible creatures through her journey and undoubtedly comes out as a different person.

There are a few other types of plots you can consider.

Rib Tickler

It is a plot laced with humour, constructed with appropriate characters, dialogues and actions. The main character’s weakness makes the story funny.  The story usually ends on a happy note.

Misunderstandings and confusions in “Pride and Prejudice” keep the reader amused right till the end.

Here are a number of funny short stories you can read


This is a plot that ends on a sad note.

In “Romeo and Juliet” the lovers do not get to live happily ever after but the story ends with their deaths.

Turn for the Better

This is a plot about conversion. The character who is wayward will convert and undergo a change for the better.

“The Prodigal’s Son” is a classic example of a wayward son mending his ways and asking for forgiveness.

Hope these types of plots will get you down to writing that story!







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