Three Recommended Techniques for Plots

Here are three techniques for plots to make your story credible and interesting.


It is that ‘eureka’ moment in the story when the character changes their view about people and things around them. This happening may take place during a routine event which changes the direction of the story. Epiphany is usually hopeful and positive.


“This ladder seems awfully long,” Sunder thought, “And where is the fireman?” Instinctively, he moved towards the ladder as the young girl screamed through the black smoke. He was an expert at climbing coconut trees back home.

He started helping the girl down the ladder. What was that clapping and noise? He couldn’t see clearly through the smoke. As he came down, the sound became louder. The girl and he were helped off the ladder. “You are a hero,” shouted a man. “You have saved my daughter,” said the thankful father.

Sunder suddenly didn’t knew he wasn’t alone.

The next of the techniques for plots is foreshadowing.


Foreshadowing is a literary device which gives a hint about what is going to happen in the future. You can use it to stir an eagerness in the reader to find out about what is to follow. It allows a reader prepare to believe future events. You may use it to mislead your reader in a detective story.


Lucy was hardly the adventurous kind and it was odd that she had fallen in love with a mountaineer. All her life she had lived in a city. A couple of holidays in the mountains at busy tourist destinations hardly qualified her to be a trekker. Her life was going to change forever.

Let’s move on to the next technique .

Techniques for Plots
Techniques for Plots


Flashback is about taking the reader into the past before returning to the present.  This memory, happy or sad, has a bearing on the current moment in the plot. This device allows the plot to move ahead.


I remember the night my mother

Was stung by a scorpion. Ten hours

Of steady rain had driven him

To crawl beneath a sack of rice.

Parting with his poison-flash

Of diabolic tail in the dark room –

He risked the rain again. – Night of the Scorpion by Nissim Ezekiel

Rupa was only eight when she accompanied her parents to a wedding. It was an evening she would always remember. It was here that she met Rita for the first time.

These three techniques for plots need practice and you can use them effectively in your stories.





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